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Thank you for visiting Hosted by Heather. Hosted by Heather is a marriage of my love of people and food. There is nothing I love more than gathering friends and family around a table of beautiful foods and the buzz of conversation and laughter filling my home. I had the wonderful opportunity to live overseas in Belgium, and during that time, my love affair with cheese and charcuterie intensified. I spent days walking the open air markets and visiting the neighborhood fromageries.  I remember while visiting a fromagerie in France the owner saying to me in his beautiful French accent, “You could try a different cheese every day for a year and still not taste them all.”  How right he was.  After staying home with my children for 14 years, I felt ready to do something more.  I knew I wanted it to be something I love, something that makes me happy. What could be better than creating beautiful cheese and charcuterie boards for people to gather around and laugh and share and connect? Welcome to Hosted by Heather!

Custom Boards

something for everyone

All boards are custom and include a variety of cheeses, cured meats, and seasonal accoutrements.  I’m happy to take special requests or design something to fit your needs. These boards are the perfect centerpiece for a small intimate gathering or a large celebration. The vast array of ingredients ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

What happy customers are saying!


Y'all, her boards are AMAZING! They are as beautiful as they are delicious.  She is seriously talented and thought of everything.  I picked up the board and it traveled really well and was enjoyed by all.  Contact Hosted by Heather - you will not be disappointed.

~ Jenn

Went to a party this weekend and this was the spread!!! Hosted by Heather, Heather Bergman Moss's new company, knocked it out of the park!


"It was the most incredible spread we've ever tasted!!!"

~ Jennifer

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